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Popular Movie Cars

‌‌I have three kids. Boys, aged 12,11 and 8. They like a whole bunch of stuff. I’m not sure they have thought of their futures beyond what might be for dinner this evening and it would be nice if they had something resembling a plan or a dream. The middle boy is the wildest boy. He can draw. Maybe he’ll take that ability and combine it with his satirical sense of humor and push-the-boundaries personality and become a graphic designer. Or a car designer.

How to Change a Tire

‌A flat tire can happen anytime, anywhere, and being able to change one is an essential skill for all drivers. Yes, even if you plan to have your cell phone with you always and even if you have your AAA card in your wallet, the occasion may still arise when you will be in a bind and on the spot to change a flat. It’s relatively easy – we promise! – and you’ll only need to keep a few items on hand in your car.

How to Make Money from Your Car

Everyone wants to make money to live a fairly comfortable life. A lot of people do not have the means to do so. Others do not realize they have what it takes to earn money. One excellent means to get cash is through a car. As a car owner, you are a legit entrepreneur. You can engage in several activities with your car that will give you money. Do you have a car and you want to earn with it? Here are a few tips on how to make money with your car.